Wood Look SPC Flooring Integrates Wood Beauty & Exceptional Durability

Wood Look SPC Flooring Integrates Wood Beauty & Exceptional Durability

Wood look SPC flooring, also known as wood SPC flooring or SPC wood flooring, preserves the look and texture of natural wood while providing better dimensional stability, greater water resistance performance and more comfortable foot feel than real wood flooring.



These realistic wood look design comes in many different colors, patterns and surface treatments. The high definition decoration layer in the SPC flooring allows you enjoying the classic beauty of real wood flooring without worrying about the floor deformation and damage arising from moisture and temperature change.

We offer a 25-year warranty for our residential SPC flooring and a 10-year warranty for our commercial SPC flooring. All our SPC flooring is provided with a wear layer that can withstand about 10,000 wear-resisting revolutions and higher. It ensures our SPC flooring works well in both residential and commercial environments.

As the SPC vinyl layer is completely waterproof, therefore, SPC flooring has excellent waterproof and dampproof performances. Mildew will not happen on SPC flooring and keep your floor as good as new. As a result, it is widely used in laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements and kitchens

According to the statistics of authoritative departments: 95% of the people injured in the fire is caused by toxic gas generated when burning. The main component of the SPC flooring is natural limestone powder, in case of fire, the SPC flooring has great flame retardant performance and will not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gas.

SPC flooring has excellent thermal conductivity and can help maintain floor temperature so it does not get cold even during rainy days. Unlike the hard surface of ceramic floor, SPC flooring is soft and provides extra and comfort when standing or walking on it in barefoot.

Made of 100% recycle natural limestone powder and virgin PVC, all UTOP SPC flooring does not contain heavy metals, phthalate, methanol and other harmful substances. It will not do harm to the environment and human body.

Our SPC flooring is provided with Unilin click systems for simple and quick installation, which makes no glue and no nails installation possible. Tiles/planks click into place with one simple movement. Besides, it can be easily installed on a variety of subfloors or existing flooring, saving your time and money.

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  • Dominika Dralus