LVT Flooring – A Great Alternative to Natural Wood & Stone Flooring

LVT Flooring – A Great Alternative to Natural Wood & Stone Flooring

Short for luxury vinyl tile, LVT flooring is a kind of floor covering that portrays the look of natural wood or stone yet providing excellent waterproof and stain & scratch resistance to perfectly adopt to the busiest lifestyles of modern times. As s result, it is widely used in various commercial and residential environments.

  We offer a 25-year warranty for residential uses and a 10-year warranty for commercial uses.
Made of recyclable materials, all LVT flooring products do not contain heavy metals, phthalate, methanol and other harmful substances.
LVT flooring comes in endless authentic design of patterns and styles to perfect meet your specific needs for flooring decoration.
Due to its waterproof properties, LVT flooring is an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere with excess water.
LVT flooring is softer and warmer than real stone or ceramic, making it more comfortable to stand on and walk on.
When the LVT flooring is stained with water, the friction becomes bigger to prevent walkers from falling down.
Compared with traditional hardwood and stone flooring options, you can get high quality LVT flooring at a lower cost.
As a hygienic flooring, a simple cleaning regime with a damp mop is suffice. If you require a deep clean, the flooring is resilient to chemical cleaners.

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  • Dominika Dralus